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My name is Doug Pearson and I work full time in the TV business as well as being a photographer in my spare time. This is my personal web site.

On this web site, there are links to some of the other web sites that I have created and places that I have an on-line presence as well as some samples of my works.

A lot of people ask how I chose Chibi as the name to use in my company name.

Chibi was the name of a cat I had when I was younger and Chibi got her name because in Japanese, Chibi is a name used to refer to the smallest cat or dog in a litter. When we got her, she was very small but she was a very determined little cat who soon ruled the house.

Since Chibi was small in stature, but big in our hearts, I decided that using her name would be a good memorial and she is a part of both my Chibi Consulting and Chibi Photography web sites.

If you need to contact me, use my Chibi Photography or Chibi Consulting web sites.

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